For Musicians & Labels

Despite the fact that recently the form of cooperation between music companies and artists has changed, disputes between labels and musicians are not a thing of the past. Regulation of rights affecting works, logos, creative image, media resources and other intellectual property objects requires a professional approach. “Altland” helps both young and experienced musicians with the legal organization of their creative activities. Our lawyers will not only identify undesirable provisions in the contracts proposed for agreement, but will also help to achieve changes in the signed ones, being your full-fledged representatives in the negotiations. Concentrate on your creativity by entrusting the legal protection of your projects to the profile specialists of Altland!

Major Russian labels are already using Altland’s services! Our lawyers and financial specialists from different countries will help to establish cash flows from foreign distributors, and auditors will identify unsafe elements in the financial and economic activities of the company. Unlike conventional legal consulting, Altland offers clients a comprehensive service, which involves the work of specialists of different profiles in a single bundle. This approach allows us to consider each individual situation from different perspectives, which gives us an unconditional advantage in finding solutions.

Licensing agreements are the foundation of the music business. Legal specifics, which can be often hidden in the text of the contract are an integral part of these agreements. Those specialists who know not only civil law well, but who are also familiar with the practice of its application in this area will be able to evaluate the license agreement professionally. Altland’s lawyers will carry out a legal review of the agreement proposed for signing and point out the risks that its acceptance may lead to. Altland lawyers will help you to draw up a license agreement that will meet your needs, and also, just as important, will demonstrate the high status of your organization. The use of Legal Design technologies allows us to create high-quality and easy-to-understand documents that are pleasant to hold in your hands.
Registering a pseudonym as a trademark is a reliable, but not the only way to protect a creative name. Contact Altland to register your trademark or find out which intellectual property protection methods suit you best!