Comprehensive Security

Comprehensive security services include the work of private detectives and qualified experts specializing in the interaction with government authorities and other persons in the interests of the client, as well as: collecting information and proofs, conducting investigations

One-time services
Checking information about counterparties through open information sources and the media for due diligencefrom 10.000₽
Representation as a private detective in court and other public authorities.from 60.000₽
Business Intelligencefrom 15.000₽
Assistance in the preparation of negotiationsfrom 15.000₽
Participation in negotiations with contractors, representatives of state authoritiesfrom 25.000₽ per hour
Representation and protection of interests in the course of inspections by fiscal authorities (except for tax ones)from 100.000₽
Representation and protection of interests during audits by tax authoritiesfrom 150.000₽
Conducting official investigations. Search for people, goods.from 80.000₽
Conducting civil investigationsfrom 100.000₽
Work with personnel (questionnaires, verification of questionnaires, identification of information, etc.)from 20.000₽
Preparation of pre-trial materials (search for evidence, etc.)from 80.000₽
Complex services
Operational support for the financial and economic activities of the business in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On private detective and security activities in the Russian Federation” dated March 11, 1992 N2487-1from 30.000₽ per month
Subscriber servicePrice is set on request
* The Company may provide other services not listed in this table. Service packages are indicative only. Their price and content are selected individually for each Client.